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Granvita was born in 1982 with the vision of offering its consumers a healthy lifestyle through innovative products, with high quality standards, delicious taste and at competitive prices.
Under this premise, we create, popularize and approach consumers the concept of granola as it is known today,
since previously in Mexico it was little known, only housewives cooked it in their homes or could be found in few health food stores.
We were also the first company to market Avena on the Stock Market so that the consumer could see the product and have the security of acquiring a quality item.
Finally, as part of the healthy lifestyle we promote, we decided to launch our 0% sugar line, thus achieving to be leaders in sales of this segment and, above all, to be part of the healthy breakfasts of thousands of Mexicans and people abroad.
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Made in Mexico
With love

Do you know where the largest oatmeal plant in Latin America is located? Yes in Mexico. For us it is an honor to belong to this country of immense wealth and, even more, to have the opportunity to provide, for more than 35 years, a healthy lifestyle to thousands of Mexican families.